Endurance & Strength Stack - Military

  1. Endurance & Strength Stack - Military

    Hi fellas

    New to this forum, so greetings...

    I need some advice on a stack I wanna get together. It's not your average boybuilding stack, so please pay attention to what it's being put together for. Hoping you guys can help me.

    I'm in the military, and have a pretty tough selection course coming up to get in as a navy diver. The course is predominantly cardio (tons of aerobic and anaerobic), but also has a signiicant amount of strength work too (bodyweight exercises mainly, but we also apparently get very friendly with a telephone pole that we have to carry around, etc etc).

    My fitness + strength were really good up till a few months ago. Back injury has put me out of action, but I'm now recovered. I am on a selection course in 5 weeks, so hoping to get together something that will achieve 4 things:

    1) Build strength

    2) Lower my body fat pecentage

    3) Up my anaerobic & aerobic fitness

    4) Not put on too much bulk

    I know this looks like an easy way out, but I've waited 2 years for this selection and it might be another year till the next. Wanna work my ass off in the next month, but need that little bit of extra help.

    Right now I'm leaning towards Winstrol (injected) and Tren acetate.
    dont want Test in the mix, as cant afford any water retention. Remember that endurance is the most important factor, strength secondary, but also still important.
    Anyone think throwing in HGH will help, or do its beneits take too long to kick in?

    Thanks or taking the time to read this, know it's a long post. Hope you guys can help.



  2. I have heard lots of stories of Tren lowering endurance. Even if it doesnt, tren is probably a bad idea at the normal doses. Possibly a low dose (30mg ed?) but I wouldn't try that.

    Maybe just the winstrol at a moderate dose.

    I really think you should look at anavar though. Strength and leaning out while being pretty mild is what var is for.
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  3. Yeah, looking at Tren a bit deeper, I see a few people saying it adversly affects endurance. Scrap that idea.

    Am now also looking at Boldenone/Equipoise. I see this increases red blood cell levels, so must be good for fitness. Only concern here is the increase in appetite: is it an uncontrollable hunger that will distract me completely while I'm on selection, or just a general 'snackishness' that can be put to the back of the mind?

  4. As far as the HGH goes, for the very FEW products that actually work, and that is still debatable, it all depends on age, body type, etc.... Most of the HGH you can use is best achieved by doing a few sets of squats a week. If you want to push beyond that and are set on an HGH, google HGHtruths. or their site is hghtruths.com/the-big-list-of-supplement-reviews/ They give a great non biased review of all the junk out there as well as dosage HGH related. As far as how long it takes to work..., the average person taking the 3-4 out there that work... and the person taking it is 35 and older (any younger then this and there is no point because your body still produces more than these can give you anyways)... and a lot of other factors..., it takes 3 months to see results. For the bodybuilder, again over 35 and other factors included..., as little as 6-8 weeks, but that is pushing it.
    my advice... stick with melatonin for sleep aid and do some squats

    for the rest of your questions... listen to machine above

  5. if u do a cycle and pct u might not be at your bodies full ability to recover even with a good pct and could hurt your own ability to perform during your school under eating and lots of physical demand will u have enough time to cycle, pct and have a normalization period



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