Hey all. I am on hCH monotherapy for secondary hypogonadism and a strong responder. I am taking 700 IUs E3Ds. That puts my TT at around 1,110. Not interested in cycling.

My ortho surgeon has given me a script for Deca, to help my shoulders fully recovery (after bilateral open surgeries 10 months ago). I have some bad trigger points that haven't responded to other things, and I am hoping that the extra fluid for 12 weeks will give them a chance to heal.

3 questions:

1) Is 100 mgs per week enough?
2) Will the hCG serve the same function as Test Cyp in terms of preventing Deca Di_ck? (I assume it will)
3) Is there any risk that my HPTA system will be compromised, somehow, such that when I come off the Deca, the hCG will no longer work as well, or I will otherwise need to do a PCT of some sort?

Please, no responses about 100 mgs being a joke of a starting dose -- I want to heal -- not get bigger. I'm as big as I want to be, though I wouldn't mind a little more vascularity (without needing to change my diet).