Questions about first cycles 2 avid bloat

  1. Questions about first cycles 2 avid bloat

    I am wondering what type of steroids are best to use when you wanna avoid bloat as much as possible (preferabaly none at all)..

    I am only looking for options on what i can use for my first cycle so suggestions and tips is much appreciated

    I know t-bol doesnt cause any bloat(?) but i was wondering if i would use f ex testo E and arimidex (everyday/everyother day) if that would give almost none bloat?

    So what are you guys suggestions to good first cycles that doesnt cause too much bloat and is relatively nice on the mentalitet also (no masteron/trenbolone etc)

  2. No bloat = Furza, prostan, hdrol, MMV3, and epi to a degree(though I seem to notice a little more puffyness then the laters... maybe that's just me)

    Are you referring to test e and armidex in your post??? If so, the AI will indeed help keep the cycle dry, though size increase will be limited.
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  3. Yes test E and armidex
    everyone i talk to say testosterone alone is a smart choice for the first cycle so that is why im thinking of running testosterone enatat alone (any other opionions?!)
    But the reason why i am not 100% is because i don't want bloat nor to much mental side effects.. is test e and arimdex (how often) a good option then?

    I gotta admit, furza, prostan, hdrol, mmv3 is uknown for me.. but are they sutable for first time users?

  4. Look through a few logs/reviews on this website. Everytime somebody mentions Dry gains, read into it. Those key words indicate very limited bloating. Epistane, Tren, Havoc, something like that is what your looking for.

  5. a-dex on cycle every other day. .25

  6. Can anyone even reap any benefits from one bottle of fura? It would be part of a stack. I just can't see paying 50 for another bottle that only gives sub-par results.

  7. i hear its way underdosed. get a supplier of nolva/clomid/adex ect and its so much cheaper for the real stuff than these name brand knockoffs. even tho fura, i hear, is the **** if you have enough of it.


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