Oral only cycle,what would be my best options?

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  1. Oral only cycle,what would be my best options?

    Hello everyone,

    Well i have searched a little before posting my question but could not find a definitive answer.I have been lifting for six years and this last maonth i started mit(first ever ph)and had great results in strength gains.Now i would like to try out some "real stuff" in oral form to see how far i can get.

    I really want to shy away from injectables as i would have a hard time explaining to my wife and two children,so orals are in.I still have to find a legit source but i am going to Tijuana soon and will see the vet shops there.My question is what would be a good quality steroid available in oral that would not thin out my wallet?Thanks!

  2. Your not going to find many orals more powerful than M1T. Also, M1T is not a prohormone it is a steroid.

    If M1T didn't put size on ya, I suggest you try M1,4add. The aromatization will help a lot for putting on muscle, glycogen, and water weight.

    Just more weight in general.

    But if you insist on going to Tijuana, then I suggest you stock up on Nolva and Anadrol

  3. Thanks Tom,

    The problem is 4 ad is illegal here in California.Geez i i'm going to stockpile on this stuff that way i can run around three cycles a year for a while.Hmm,i wonder if i can find 4 ad in tj?

  4. I would not even attempt an all oral cycle on traditional types of gear, you will more than likely NOT keep your gains. Also before you jump off into the deep end, do some research and know what you are about to get into. Any of this gear or PH is not something to take lightly...

  5. I didn't say Methyl 4ad

    I'm talking about Methyl 1,4add the precursor to dianabol

    I'm pretty sure it hasn't been banned in California, yet.

  6. Mathew,
    Thanks for pointing that out,i always research first and make sure i have all the basics covered before putting anything into my body.Since the general consensus? is mit is as potent as most orals i am probably going to stick with just that.Thank you.

    I'm going to search around but i'm pretty sure it's banned in cali.I'll post back later on when i find out.Thank you gentlemen.

  7. Castro, I just didn't want you to be disappointed because you had a good cycle then turn right around and lose everything PC..

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Castro, I just didn't want you to be disappointed because you had a good cycle then turn right around and lose everything PC..
    No prob Matt,i appreciate your honesty.I wish other boards had the same guidelines.

  9. I would have to aggree with above that M 1-T is the best oral available really. Especially since it's still legal in the states (unike here in canada).

    As for you use of injectibles, well i have a family as well. My wife knows about my plans for a near future cycle and we have just aggreed that I keep all of the "paraphenalia" out of the house so that there is no risk of my kids finding anything. That and she doesn't want to have to watch or help with injections. She doesn't really aggree but doesn't have a problem with it either.

  10. I personally would not run an oral only cycle. Gains will be really hard to keep, wait til you can run some test...just my 2cc

  11. Thanks guys.I guess if i'm going orals i will stay with the methyls for now.I appreciate the feedback from you guys.Cheers!
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  12. you could also try an oral transdermal cycle test base in a transdermal seem sto work well.

  13. It doesnt matter if its banned in cali anyways, im in cali and every company ive ordered with sends to me anyways. PHs are banned in cali but they sell 1-ad and 4-ad at gnc's and max muscle here, and at my gym for $60 bucks. So obviously no one cares.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by castro
    Thanks guys.I guess if i'm going orals i will stay with the methyls for now.I appreciate the feedback from you guys.Cheers!
    You do know about possible liver toxicity from methylated oral compounds, right??
    IMO oral only steroid cycles are not a good idea.
    M-1-T might be an exception
    Also I wouldn't recommend stacking methylated orals

  15. You could try andriol, probably the first time i have ever recommended that.

    If you live in a country where AAS are illegal then you should not possess them if you are worried aobut your family
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  16. I have nothing nice to say so I won't say anything Hold on that wouldn't very fun. If your concerned about your family like you claim, how is potentially ****ing your liver showing that. If you want to be there for your family then how is taking unecessary chances with your body helping. Don't use the family as a scapegoat for your fear of pinning.

  17. Nicely said, even if a little harsh.

    My comment would simply be. Every bathroom has a lock, and an excuse.

    Basically, pinning can't be a bad influence if your kids can't see it. And if anyone's gonna ask you "What are you doing in there" you can always just say your taking a ****.

  18. No offense taken.I'm not using the family as a scapegoat as i am a grown man 31yoa and take responsabilty for my actions.I was going for a one time cycle but i've changed my mind.

    Did not mean to start any **** forgive me if i came on like an idiot.Thanks guys.

  19. Nah man, don't let these guys discourage you.

    Most of the guys who diss oral only cycles, have LOGS and ONLINE JOURNALS.. of what?

    M1,4add cycles, M1T cycles, 4ad and 1-test cycles, etc... in either pill form or liquid.

    They have online-documented oral only cycles. Yet next thing you know they will preach otherwise.

    Sounds pretty damn ignorant/hypocritical to me, but whatever.

  20. The only reason it may sound harsh is because it's reality and reality is harsh. Thetom no one I know that knows there **** would or will be doing and all oral cycle. Castro, you want to be there for your family that's important. Why risk it because of a little discomfort. I don't like pinning but I do it because for one it's safer and two is the way to get the job done. Honestly if I could take a pill i would but it doesn't work that way. You just can't keep abusing your liver and expect no harm to be done.

  21. Hey Jergo and Sifu both did oral only cycles.

    Goto the cycle info section and you'll see, they even shared the same log. Your basically saying they don't know their ****. But many here will disagree.

    Any reply to this post you make will not deny the fact. You said people who participate in oral only cycles don't know ****, and those 2 respected board members have done just that.

    Like I said. Whatever.

    It's all elite-ism bull**** anyway.
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  22. Among Jergo and Sifu. I've seen oral only cycle logs from Prolangtum, Old Guy, NO MERCY, and Lean One.

    Even more respected board members.

  23. http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...ad.php?t=10982

    Hey look what I found? It's a cycle log of Jminis doing a 2 weeker of M1T.

    I guess going by your logic, you don't know your ****.

    Practice what you preach.

  24. Thetom your just not getting the point. When I refer to all oral cycles I mean when someone goes on a cycle with 2 or more methylated products to get results. That's why I'm bringing in that pinning will be safer because it is in that case. And yes that is my m1t cycle log, it's when it first came out. I took it alone for 2 weeks to see like everyone else how well it worked. Once I established it worked, I ran another cycle with it (not another methylated compound) but instead with test prop for a cutting cycle and got much better results. And why bring sifu and all them into this, I guarentee they'll back me up 100% on the methylated issue and how pinning is safer.

    Overall thetom if whoever wants to run a methylated compound and another compund like 1,4 orally that's not methylated I have no problem with it. Go ahead and have at it. I'm concerned with adding more then 1 methylated compound. And with castro he wants to do this with steroids so most likely he will get 2 methylated compounds. Later J

  25. Alright, well Jiminis. Try try to be specific next time man. When you make comments like, "Thetom no one I know that knows there **** would or will be doing and all oral cycle" without any specifics, it'll piss a lot of people off.

    I have my own cycle logs on various boards of me using various oral-only compounds, as well as transdermal and pinned compounds. I plan on doing a few oral-only specific logs in the future, and I think I know my ****.

    But I also agree you made a good point. More than one methyl at a time is never a good thing.


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