Starting CEL's H-Drol Cycle This Week

  1. Starting CEL's H-Drol Cycle This Week

    I was originally planning to do a Spawn Cycle, however everything I've been reading has said it's pretty strong for a first timer and it's generally recommended to just stick with a single PH the first time around.

    I think I have everything lined up right, for the past week I've been taking AI Cycle Support, but during the cycle I'm wondering if I should leave out creatine (Dymatize Micronized) and Jack3d?

    Post cycle I have AI's Post Cycle Support and also have Clomiphene.

    What's a good dosage for the H-Drol, 3 a day for four weeks? What's the optimum time one should take these?



  2. Any thoughts on this...?


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