T3/Clen, Is Epi and Halo Anabolic Enough

  1. T3/Clen, Is Epi and Halo Anabolic Enough

    Looking at running one last cutting/hardening cycle for the year. Was thinking about running:

    T3 90mcg ed 9 weeks
    Clen 180mcg ed 9 weeks
    Benedril 200mg ed
    H-Drol 50, 75, 75, 100, 100
    E-Stane 0, 30, 40, 40, 50
    PCT Tamox Cit

    My main worry is will the Halo and epi be anabolic enough to keep from wasteing lean mass from the T-3. Any ideas? My new girlfriend is flying us to Florida the first week of Oct. for vacation, and I want to be in tip top shape. Thx!!!

  2. Clen ED for 9 weeks seems overkill. With benedryl you may get an extra week out of it (usually 3 weeks on is the most I see). Why don't you run a 2 on 2 off cycle of clen for like 8 weeks. Also I thought you were supposed to ramp the dosage? If you haven't taken clen in a while, starting off at 180mcg may not be the wisest of decisions.

  3. I found 75mcg of T3 was plenty, and spent most of my time on 50. Your T3 and clen doses are high, i wouldnt trust Epi and Hdrol to be strong enough to handle that
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  4. I thought I read somewhere that Dr.D recommended T4 instead of T3. I know most of the body's natural T3 comes from conversion of T4. Most people I've read reviews on using T4 said they had great results with less sides/shutdown.

  5. LOLS I got quite a reaction. No, this is not my first rodeo, I usually run 200mcg clen, 100mcg T3 along with test prop to cut. Been a lot of bunk gear floating around my neck of the woods lately and my source dried up and pulled out of town so that is why I am thinking of useing legal compounds this time. Yes I am fairly lean now. Yes i ramp up to those doseages and then taper off I start off at half that doseage and raise the clen 20mcg every 3 days and the T3 10mcg every 3 days, reverse when coming off. I dont seem to suffer any beta2 receptor downregulation on long runs of clen when i take benedril at 200mg ed. But anyway, back to the question I asked, are they anabolic enough to prevent excessive atrophy from the T3? The only person to pitch in their opnion on THAT matter was Unreal and I appriceate that. Mooch, Piston, anybody?



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