Comparing Oral 4-AD to IM test base

  1. Comparing Oral 4-AD to IM test base

    this is kinda sloppy so bare with me.

    ok, it's said that 4-ad is about 95% as potent as test anabolically.
    Orally 5% is absorbed.
    I recall that 4-ad has a bisphasic absorption, so higher amounts absorb more.

    So lets say a person is using 500 mg 3x per day.
    total of 1500 a day.
    at the minimal asborption of 5% (I'd say probably higher) thats 75 mg a day.
    it's active in its free-form both as 4-ad for x hours, it's active again as test at
    15% for xt hours.
    75mg a day x 7 days = 525mg a week of 4-ad activity and ~ 79 mg of test activity, both free active form.

    so assuming 4-ad is 95% as potent as test we have ~ 498 mg of pseudo-test (which has the half life of 500 mg oral 4-ad 3x, what ever that may be, variable x) and 79 mg of test with a half life of xt.

    also assuming there is no enzyme saturation at this level, which very well may be true, or that extended asborption and release due to large oral dosing compensates for any enzyme saturation.

    again this is sloppy, I'm hopping someone can correct this formula.

    so can we just slap it all together and assume that this method is equilivant to at the least 575 mg a week of base test, possibly more due to extended half life of the active/free drug?

  2. damn good math work

    bump on this...Im kinda curious about this comparison

  3. 4AD will never compare to the real deal.

  4. not even if you inject it straight into your brain through your eyeball?

    what if I removed my liver, would that help?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by comrade
    not even if you inject it straight into your brain through your eyeball?

  6. The problem lies in not knowing the receptor affinity nor the true anabolic androgenic ratios of unconverted 4 ad, is it 1/2 as potent as test 1/3, 1/10? Who knows? 4ad even in high dosages doesnt seem to get close to the potency of real test so something is holding it up. Be it the conversion enzymes or the potency of unconverted 4 ad we all know and have seen in every head to head that test is best, 4ad is a worthwhile alternative while you are working up to injections.


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