M1-T and UTIs

  1. M1-T and UTIs

    Just wondering if anyone has had a run-in with a urinary tract infection while on M1t. Wound up in the ER yesterday pissing blood and running a temp of 102. Ran all the test and it was a severe urinary infection. most likely just bad luck but want to se if it has happened to anyone else.
    Thanks for the help.

  2. Not me, never. However, I hope you get well soon.

  3. Seems like all of the posts recently pertaining to M1T have been nothing but bad news. I think I might get rid of mine soon.

  4. its been burning lately while pissing... wtf?

  5. SilverSurfer, thanks for the good wishes.
    Dobbi, had one in my bladder about 30 years ago, it hurt to piss and soon as I did felt like I had to piss again, maybe get it checked.
    This one is in my kidneys, so much more severe. Feels like someone beat me in the lower back with a baseball bat. Going on 48hrs on antiBi's and just starting to feel human again. More than likely not related to M1T, just bad luck and worse timing.

    Worst part: 48 hours and lucky to have eaten 2000 calories! That puts me about 7000 in the rears.
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  6. Not to hijack your thread azgymrat; I had one "episode" during my last M1T cycle but it was related to food. I got this pain on my left side right under my rib cage. I've experienced that before and usually goes away in a matter of minutes, but this time it was very intense and it did not go away... within hours I was feeling like my side was going to explode. I was walking around all hunched over and kept applying pressure to my rib cage to aleviate (sp) the pressure. Well, to make a long story short one of my co-workers took me to the ER - lucky for me the nearest hospital to my office is across the street. 5 hours later the pressure and pain were gone. They took x-rays and did some other tests and it turns out I had a pocket of gas in the "V" shaped area of the intestine (right when it exits the stomach where it curves up then back down on the left side of the body). Anyway, it was all gas !... My roommate picked me up from the ER and when we got home we laughed about it and labeled that day "the day my fart got stuck"... Moral of my story "all things come to pass"
    P.S. Mods, if my reply is TMI then just delete it, thanks.

  7. m1t seems to lower your bodys defenses to infections, from what ive read, so i can't see why it wouldn't be a contributing facter in any infection. i mean, it wouldn't cause it, just cause you not to fight it off naturally. im beginning to agree with onslaught, is m1t really worth all the risks?

  8. SilverSurfer, that reminds me of a quote I used to a girl once. "Love is like a fart, the longer you keep it in side the more discomfort is gives you, let it out and those around you share you discomfort."
    She didn't think it was funny either!
    5 hours! I've hurt just holding one in through a whole movie!


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