1. Winstrol+?

    I'm about 15/16% bodyfat, 6ft and weigh 190lbs,23yo.
    Ive done one cycle of havoc+nolva before with good results in terms of strength.
    I have decent stats I think, but I want to take it a step further.

    Up to now Ive been sticking to 5x5 for just over a year, which has been working much better for me in terms in strength then anything else Ive tried.

    My goal is to get to at least 10%bf while maintaining gaining muscle mass.
    In order to achieve this goal Ive decided to switch back to 3x12 training and splitting muscle groups to 3/4 times a week.

    I'm thinking of running winstrol+something else for 8 weeks to help me achieve this in a addition to a carb restricted diet.

    I'd like advice/suggestions on whether winstrol is a good idea or not and what to stack with it. I am on a limited budget so keep that in mind.


  2. winstrol really seems to only have a profound effect on people with a lower bf% like aroun the 10-12% area. if ur gonna run it with nething, test with a short ester like prop or acetate. personally, im using anavar right now and it is really good.

  3. winstrol and epi or tren (ph) for 6 weeks on a major restric cals and cardio 2x a day u should be able to cut 5 %

  4. Don't you think a winstrol/epi stack has the potential to **** your joints pretty hard?
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  5. yes it does. still i wouldnt bother too much, some it might be too rough on joints some no. but ur right it can cause very extreme dryness to joints. but than again all steroids have their sides.



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