Liquid Research update

  1. Liquid Research update

    This is from AF and should clairify some things****51060
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  2. Link doesn't work.

  3. gotta be a member of AF to see it.

  4. Thanks, I hope this all just clears up now.

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  5. Here is a rip of the first post in that that members can read.

    Originally posted by Bayoumike on AF
    I really wish everyone would please calm down a little.....the bust is a joke. If you look at the charges they are next to none. Considering that we supposedly ran "the most sophisticated drug lab in the history of jefferson parish" you would think they would have charged us with a little more than possession of steriods (personal stash) and marijuana (whoops my wife has occassional glaucoma lol). The gbl is bogus....the truth will be told in the media rebutle soon. The bust is no way related to and will never be related to the ancillaries being sold by LR. Any potential visits are related to what they are hoping to be hidden bottles of gbl shipped to our customers. And also why would I jeopardize my thriving business and promising new line of products for something so stupid and mail out gbl and using US postal service at that. I have been around for a while and we all know what gbl will cause with the authorities. A customer list was not is a tracking verification on new orders along with new orders to be processed. Anyway, if you don't keep some sort of record of shipping then people will complain about not getting their order and no way to track it. Unfortunately, anytime a person orders via CC on a shopping cart, 2 records are retained (shopping cart archives and credit card processing batch records). The main thing to remember here is that this is a local has not and will not go to a federal level as long as no controlled substances were found in the parcels which never were. My advice is not to believe everything read in the media. Our only mistake was having a worker that we were unaware of with very active extra-curricular activities. They begin to watch him and look into where he works (along with some rumors due to his wanna-be pimpdaddy dreams of his). Put these elements together and the presence of a research chemical company and you get what took place last tuesday evening. As you can also see...we were introducing new GABA products....local narcotics forces obviously have not read up on their chemistry 101 to confuse this natural amino acid with the infamous "date rape drug". Unfortunately, due to the steriods in the home, they can and will always charge for having a controlled substance in the presence of a minor. They were reaching hard to slap as many charges on us in this case, because of the oh **** feeling when nothing was found. We will get out of this and I hope that people can stop saying that this has happened because of LRs greed, because anyone who has been a customer in the past can see that we are always very generous (that is why we had such low prices that is why our policy always was to send out free products for delays/backorders/mistakes).
    I just was contacted earlier this evening by my lawyer and the Feds have not even submitted preliminary interest in this case. The only way that this would be a federal case is if there were in fact CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES being mailed across state lines. There weren't so we still stand local and even local has not moved forward with any additional charges at this time after testing the chems on site.
    I would like to thank all members who have been supportive of us during this traumatic time on me and my family.

  6. So this means LR is still up and running i take it? Excellent!

  7. I think you guys may be getting a little over zealous.

  8. Thanks Chemo, thats a skill I haven't learned

  9. man, LR owes me a customer appreciation card or somethin...

  10. man you gotta take that thing out of your sig!
    keep watching it over and over... cant stop WTF

  11. Jarconis ....Dude you gave up evidense at the drop of a hat.....that has bothered me for a few days. you could have just said sorry thats none of your business and closed the door.

  12. Hell B12 he was probably scared man. I would be if they came to my house where my wife and three kids are at, granted I wouldn't have told them anything, but you have to understand things from his view as well.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by buyb12
    Jarconis ....Dude you gave up evidense at the drop of a hat.....that has bothered me for a few days. you could have just said sorry thats none of your business and closed the door.
    That may work where you live, but it wouldn't work where I live. The only alternative is lying ("I don't have it anymore" or "What's Clomid? I didn't order any"), and some of us have a problem with that.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by canadian champ
    man you gotta take that thing out of your sig!
    keep watching it over and over... cant stop WTF
    I like jars sig, It makes me feel like Im watching those old japanese cartoons from back in the day. You know, that ones that were giving kids seizures like they were some kind of bonus.

    Quote Originally Posted by buyb12
    Jarconis ....Dude you gave up evidense at the drop of a hat.....that has bothered me for a few days. you could have just said sorry thats none of your business and closed the door.
    Perhaps the thought of Bubba becoming his future roomie caused him to sing lke a canary. Just ****ing with you Jar. I know after you changed your underwear you thought about what just happened and wanted to kick yourself in the ass.

    Thank god all the local smokies know me and dont even give me a chance to talk, Im lucky, they just arrest me and tell me to sit there and shut up.


  15. Like I said we haven't all been in his shoes. Granted I have been through S.E.R.E. school twice, so I know how not to talk.

    To quote " **** you, contact my lawyer".

  16. I had a swat team at My parents house With DEA agents. When I was in college. I've been through the spin cycle. I'm sure they would have lie to him and tried to scare him. That the way tthey do it. But there was nothing they could have done if it was a controled substance ( illegal ) without the proof. Thats all. ..don't be fooled into incriminating your self.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    S.E.R.E. school twice
    What's S.E.R.E school?

  18. Survival,escape, resistance, evasion school for the military. The torture methods are loads of fun.

  19. I'm sure being tied to a post and pissed on would be "fun" for some people.

  20. Here is a relpy from LR on orders pending:
    from BayouMike .....Bolex:

    [B]I will just like to make a quick note on the orders placed before and during the time of the raid. They are holding all of our research chems and every thing esle that belonged to the company. but we will refund everybody's money as soon as they unfreeze our account. We are at the mercy of slow ass lazy cops and them submitting their paperwork....not to mention we still have yet to see a warrant for their entry into our home.

  21. mhmm, I think alot of guys here can sit back and say, oh yeah that jarconis what a dumbass, but until you sittin down eating a bowl of cereal and hear a knock on the door and its two guys holding up their badges as you open the door, they should just hope it never happens to them and I'll take the blame for anything because it looks like nothing is gonna come of this and now I have a much better idea of what to do. I denied their allegations of steroid use which was I think first and foremost the most important.

  22. So I take it they came out ask you that huh? Like you were going to say,"Yes" or something..............Cops got nothing better to do than bust our nuts over this ****......

  23. well, youd think that was stupid, but the guy before me who was in his mid 40's they said, came out and admitted to using to keep his hot,young gf interested in him... at least thats what the cops said


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