First winstrol only cycle have a few q.

  1. First winstrol only cycle have a few q.

    I have a few questions about a winstrol only cycle. I am new to the whole thing, this will be my first cycle I have researched and know what the pros and cons. I am wondering if I just get some advice from the pros. To begin here are my stats: I am trying to acheieve a fuller look and dropping some bf.

    2g protein intake per lb.
    Diet very good strict
    Lifting 5years
    15% body fat
    Will be running 4-6 week 50mg winny orals
    I have ac couple of questions about PCT I understand to take Nolvadex or clomid or both. Understanding to begin clomid 8-12 hours after last dose. I understand to take glucosamine/fish oils for the dry joints; do you recommend a liver aid or anything else during the cycle and pct? Also I had some people say take a tribulus of some sort during?? I will take any advice or critiques.

  2. There is another Winnie only thread open on page one. I'm not an expert but If i were you I would read that and soak it up like a sponge until you get a Hampster/Meanbeast post.

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