Comments on a cutting cycle (Clen,M5AA)

  1. Comments on a cutting cycle (Clen,M5AA)

    Get shredded and maintain LBM
    5 years
    Sunday - OFF
    Monday - Chest / Abs
    Tuesday - Shoulders
    Wednesday - Biceps / Abs
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Triceps / Abs
    Saturday - Back
    500 cals below maintance and decreasing 200-300 cals each week.
    60-20-20 : PCF Ratio
    This cycle will start at week 9 of my dieting phase (12 week program).
    205 lbs
    Bench - 275lbs x 3
    Military - 205lbs x 4
    Straight Bar curls - 125 x 8
    Pullups - 12
    Squats - 455 x 4
    Ok here goes the supplements..
    2/23/04 -> 3/17/04 20mg of M5AA on work out days only Pre Workout
    2/23/04 -> 2/29/04 (or 3/7/04) 5mg of M1T ED (! Like some input on this please)
    2/22/04 -> 3/17/04 Clenbuterol (ramp up then down starting @ 50mcg and moving up every 3 days at +25mcg to a max of 125mcg a day then back down to 25mcg on the 17th.)

    Additional Supplements
    EDIT: Taking daily Multi-Vitamin, 3g of Vitamin C and 3 b vitamin tabs
    I have a full bottle of EAS DynamX 120 caps that i was planning to use soon.. plus i was thinking about running lasix 20mg ED for the last 4 days to get flushed (have plenty of potassium on hand)

    Nolva @ 40mg week 1, 30mg week 2, 20mg week 3-4 (possibly 5)

    Other stuff:
    been drinking 1 gallon+ a day for the last 9 weeks, will upto 2 gallons on week 9 (the week i start this cycle) then decrease to 1.25 gallons on week 10, 1 gallon on week 11, then .75 gallon on week 12 with decrease in sodium intake gradually as well. Will have before/after pics..

    EDIT: Will have tons of B5 on hand in case of a break out (which i have oily skin ) ... Also purchased acne bar wash...

    EDIT: Will have milk thistle, NAC, potassium, and CoQ10 on hand.. Any comments on these while on cycle?

    This cycle doesnt start for about 2 weeks.. Could i get some info thanks!
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  2. I would take the M5AA everyday, not just workout days.

  3. yup, I took M5aa every day, even off days. went great.

  4. But if you are trying to limit hepatoxicity than this guy hit it on the head

  5. Sifu and Beelzebub -

    Neither of you stacked methyls in your cycles, did you?

    Vice, Chemo started a good thread on here about stacking methyls (don't have time to paste a link right now). I was also thinking about doing a stack similar to yours, but have since changed my mind.

    Doing something like what Beelzebub did (run the M1T fist and follow up with M5aa) seems like a more liver friendly cycle.


  6. Nah, I didn't stack methyls. This **** is too new to using myself as a
    Methyl-Manhattan Project. Maddcapp, good luck with the cycle. Vice, good luck keeping your liver.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    Nah, I didn't stack methyls. This **** is too new to using myself as a
    Methyl-Manhattan Project. Maddcapp, good luck with the cycle. Vice, good luck keeping your liver.
    I'm asking for comments suggestions, not smart-ass remarks. Sorry if I didnt make myself clear. Thanks.

  8. No problem.


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