Does SD or Phera Aromatize?

  1. Does SD or Phera Aromatize?

    The title basically states what I am asking. I dont know why nothing comes up in google when i search it but I tried and came up with nothing. im about to run a stack of these two and I was wondering if either of these aromatize. im pretty sure that SD doesnt but does phera?

    Also do any of these have the ability to provoke progestin based gyno??

  2. Neither is structurally capable of aromatizing. However Phera has been known to give estrogen related sides. I dont really remember the exact reason anymore.

    SD can cause delayed gyno but I don't think it's progestin-based. I think it's estrogen rebound.

    If you get gyno while ON superdrol only then I have no idea. Some people get gyno on Epi. In the end all I can say is if you **** with your hormones, **** happens.
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