M1T cycle need help

  1. M1T cycle need help

    i just ordered my first cycle of M1T im gonna take 2 tabs a day for two weeks then 2 weeks off how much clomid should i take when im off for 2 weeks? thanks for your help

  2. It would help if you specified how many mgs your tabs are.
    Read the sticky at the top of the forum about nolva/clomid dosing. Use the first 2 weeks clomid dosing on your 2 off weeks, then use the full PCT dosing upon completion if you go back on for 2 weeks.

  3. Just based on personal experience, I'd look at Nolva instead of Clomid.

  4. im gonna take 10mgs a day for 2 weeks but how many mgs of clomid should i take for the 2 weeks off?thanks

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    Read the sticky at the top of the forum about nolva/clomid dosing.


  6. will 50mgs a day for 2 weeks be good enough need input?thanks

  7. For nolva or clomid or m1t? Nolva do this
    wk1 40 mg ed
    wk2 40 mg ed
    wk3 20 mg ed
    wk4 20 mg ed

    50 mg is way to much M1t and Clomid works generally the same but with a higher dose


  8. so i should do it 4 weeks of M1T and 4 weeks off?with clomid to recover

  9. I think everyone's confused on this one. He's talking about 50mg of clomid, not m1t. I hope at least...

    I assume your running a 2on/2off/2on cycle?

    You should stick to your original plan of 10mg m1t for 2 weeks. The take clomid during the 2 weeks off. Most use nolva, but these dosages should be about right: 200mg for days 1-3, 100mg for days 4-7, 50mg for 8-14. Then take m1t for 2 more weeks followed by 3 weeks of clomid. 200mg ED for a week, 100mg ED for a week, 50mg ED for a week.


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