another synthol disaster!!!!

  1. another synthol disaster!!!!

    okay...found another one on that "other site" and i thought i share....

    not sure if this is from synthol or esicleane or an abcess but either way its disgusting! im leaning toward an abscess he tried to drain before he went on...

    Edit: play it and watch the guy on the left when he hits his back double bi

  2. EWWWWWWWWW that was disgusting and must've been very embarrassing for him

  3. Looks like one hell of an abcess to me, either that or he shot a hell of a lot of synthol in right before posing. Never seen anything like that before though. Pretty nasty. I like how he keeps looking over at it hoping that it's not going to squirt out, then he's like "Oh ****". Nice find anyway.

  4. hehehehe....yeah its pretty sweet!

  5. That's some funny [email protected]! another great find.

  6. F*cking insane. I want to show my wife...she won't look.
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  7. At least this one isn't as bad as that first gem you brought us mooch. That was just wrong.
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  8. ooooohoohooooo right on stage...that was has to hurt the pride. I like the music though. Kinda...funky lil drub beat.

  9. Pfft my delts are at least that big without synthol, what a puzzy

    embarrassing for him yes and he deserves it, lol, dumbass. Remember what I said people get what they deserve
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    At least this one isn't as bad as that first gem you brought us mooch. That was just wrong.
    thats for sure... that first video was harsh to watch, only an idiot would do that...

    this guy doesn't look that big even after injecting himself, WTF is he doing?

  11. class act

  12. What a dumb-ass!


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