sus 250, tren 250 update.

  1. sus 250, tren 250 update.

    Tren-250 & Sus500
    Production has been discontinued of Tren-250 and Sus500. This is due to litigation related to Gyno symptoms. There is no excuse for Gyno. It is easily prevented by proper supplementation and response to the first signs. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND taking anti estrogen or s.e.r.m. with any prohormone You must take a PCT. If you want this product, you should buy it now.

    this is from a newsletter, it's been edited to remove company names, but the message is still the same.

    Sad that people take the risk of androgens, then want to sue due to their own ignorance.

  2. Sus500 is a terrible stack. People should do their research on steroids before they start using them, so i have no sympathy. Their only argument is when these things are sold at stores and people aren't told what they really are.
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  3. that is true. The guy at a one of the local sup shops here is always informing people of the risks of his products, but he's the only one i've ever seen talk about, "these are real steroids, not to be played around with" to customers. sux.

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