What methyl to stack with test cyp for 10wks?

  1. What methyl to stack with test cyp for 10wks?

    whats up guys,

    not sure where or when to put Hdrol, Mdrol(superdrol) or maybe P-plex into this cycle
    your advice on how to build my next cycle is appreciated!

    I use to be serious and work out 5 days a week for probably 8 years now. went from 138lbs to 198lbs at one point and about 8%bf, 315lbs bench, 425lb squat etc.
    over the last year 100 hour a week work and family has meant less working out so i'm back down to 180lbs and ~10-11%bf now. have done 5 cycles in the past, 2 of them pretty serious long ones with tren. and looking at doing another one the middle of September and am gathering supplies and preloading supps now.

    goal is to get back to where i was, ie: ~190lbs and 7-8%bf

    so my current cycle ideas

    test cyp: 10 weeks of 500mg

    deca: 800mg in one shot at beginning of cycle (have this leftover so just using it up)

    IGF Lr3: 50mcg every 3rd day for 4 weeks at the beginning of the cycle and then again in PCT

    HCG: 250iu twice a week

    where/when/what methyl should i include?
    Maybe there is another better methyl that i havn't included?
    what cortisol control supp should i include in PCT? 11-oxo?

  2. Why not just stack another inject with it instead of a methyl?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. no access to injects anymore man. i MUCH prefer injections than the methyls but i can't get them anymore.

    maybe there is a transdermal that is more effective too?

    perhaps running 2 cycle of superdrol is the best thing to do also? i could easily extend the cycle to 12 weeks and then run two 4 week superdrol cycles.

    i'm open to ideas. no reason to be wasteful but money isn't really that much of an issue too.

  4. also advice on how much arimidex to use at the end of the cycle to reduce estrogen before PCT would be appreciated. that was something i had issues with in my last cycle. don't want to Fkuc with letro either, that is some nasty stuff.

  5. Don't think I would look at doing 2 sd runs. Might give phera a go for 4 wks til test kicks in.

  6. i was hoping i could run one of these methyls for longer than 4 weeks because, to me anyway, 500mg of test is pretty damn weak. do you think i could run superdrol for 4 weeks in the beginning, take a 1-2 week break and then run phera or Hdrol for the last 4 weeks without tossing my liver into a wood chipper?

  7. bump? surely someone here has run some different methyls for longer than 5 weeks while on test and has some input?


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