1. Needles/Syringes??

    This is only my 2nd cycle and I'm not sure where to obtain syringes, etc, for the Test-C I'm going to be taking. Can you by a good needle anywhere or is that something you need a prescription or something for? Again, I know this sounds like a novice question & I apologize. I'm an experienced lifter, but when it comes to "gear" i'm a novice. Also, is Nolvadex at the end of my cycle of just Test-C @ 500 a week, the best option in terms of leveling my body out and keeping gains? Thanks again guys for your patience in help!!

  2. nolva and clomid together....depending on your state needles and syringes can be bought over the counter....if your in one of the other states there are a ton of online "sterile syringes" and you will get a ton of hits


    Do not ask for supply kits or anything else that can be perceived as "steroid paraphernalia" and do not post links to those sites that supply such products.

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