A little of this and a little of that, HELP

  1. A little of this and a little of that, HELP

    I have three shots of Deca 300 and 4 shots of Test 200. I also have about two weeks of The One by Applied Nutriceuticals. This is all left over stuff from past cycles, and im wondering how to utilize what I have for the maximum result. Any suggestions?

  2. get more of everything!

  3. I agree, but want to use up what i have.

  4. you dont have anything....this is not a cycle....its worthless!

  5. So your saying I cant gain 5lbs with this? I know that in two weeks with The One alone I have gained 5lbs that I kept with PCT. Adding test and deca wont help at all? I was thinking start with The one and two days before finishing my two weeks start the test, then the deca the day before the test is up. Ill follow with 2nd Gear PCT and IGF2 by Applied Nutriceuticals. Essentially this would be a 9 week cycle...just not all the same gear. May not be the best cycle to gain allot, but surely ill gain 5-10lbs of mass.



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