Rebound Gyno

  1. Rebound Gyno

    My buddys freaking out about rebound gyno hes been off PCT for 3 months. MY question is if rebound gyno starts to form should Nolva be taken and at what dosage if so?

  2. Yea man tamoxefin 10-20mg a day will block the estro receptors in the breast tissue and prevent it from getting worse. It wont combat it though, you need a strong aromatase inhibitor for that, letrozole has shown to be very effective. Topical formastane may also help as well applied directly to the chest area.
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  3. if hes been over pct for three months now and he has no symptoms i dont think he has much to worry about. it usually occurs while on pct cause the pct isnt doing enough ect. ect.

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