perfect halodrol cycle?

  1. Thumbs up perfect halodrol cycle?

    cel h-drol 50/50/50/75/75
    +Cycle Support orange
    +RPN pre w/o

    ptc PP Testosterone Recovery Stack + Torem week 1 40mg (maby 2nd wk @ 40)
    +RPN pre w/o

    Im between Torem @ 40 and clomi @25 as my serm to jump start hpta

  2. ive never used toremifene so this is an uneducated response but isnt 40mgs a little low? i usually like the lowest possible dose that brings the desired results from any compound...but ive never heard of anyone running only 40mgs of tor.....then again i may be way off base here.....

  3. well i figured it would the TRS jump start my ptc

  4. well like i said i havent used the compound...but the lowest dose ive seen is 60 and that is usually after a downward taper from 120 or 90

  5. haha qwerty, you are cracking me up man. ive been reading some of your logs. its a PCT and in POST CYCLE THERAPY. lol for whatever reason in all your posts when you say ptc it is drving me crazy. must be the heat today. its 100*. anyways...PCT.

  6. haha mad funny i think my fingers have been conditioned to type ptc when my mind is thinking pct.

  7. lol, everyone knows what youre talking about so it doesnt matter but its one of those pet peeves for reasons i dont know haha. its all good bro. best of luck with the cycle.

  8. yea well i got some time before i hit this. i just finished a 6wk 1-t tren. Make me lethargic as hell. Just thinking ahead. I wish i knew about all i know how when i was younger. Running h-50 when it was in gnc w/ novadex xt or no ptc at all for the 1st time.


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