cutting cycle with eq/winny and var or prov

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  1. cutting cycle with eq/winny and var or prov

    alright boys i am about ready to try my first cutting cycle. i am looking to bring out my veins more and hopefully get a few more striations. i have previously done a few ph cycles and am weighing in at 200lbs even. here are a few options i was considering.

    weeks1-10 600mg/week eq
    weeks1-4.5 30mg/ed anavar
    weeks6-12 50mg/ed winny


    weeks1-10 600mg/week eq
    weeks1-7 50mg/ed proviron
    weeks8-14 50mg/ed winny

    i am looking to cut fat and not put on water, hence the no test. i was thinkin about running test with arimidex or sumthin but then that is all i would be able to run cuz i can't afford to get 5-6 different things. so lemme know what ya think of the above or if u think 500mgs of enan with an anti e ed would work better.

  2. You are being foolish not including at least a little test. Many individuals cut while using test, it is not difficult to do.

  3. would i be better off running the eq at only 300 and adding 250 a week of test?? it is not that i don't wanna run it, it is just that i have limited $ so i would have to drop one of the other compounds. what do you think i should swap it for ? i could lower the eq to 300 or drop the var/prov...
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  4. test is best man put it in there iin some form and yes sacrifice the exotics for test

  5. I'd say test, EQ, and the winny. That's always a nice cutter.

  6. If you can afoord it, I like test,eq,anavar, and proviron.

    But more than likely, that will be to costly. So go test, eq, and winny.
    Do not run EQ lower than 400mg weekly.
    Test at 250-500mg weekly to avoid bloating (low dosage)
    Winny 6 weeks at 50mg ed.

  7. ok i have worked sumthin out and will be runnin something like this:

    EQ @ 600MG 10WEEKS
    TEST CYP @ 250MG 10WEEKS
    WINNY @ 50MG ED 1-7 OR 8-14
    PROVIRON @ 50MG ED 1-7 OR 8-14

    howz it look?

    and i am gonna run winny for sure as well as proviron... both would be at 50mg a day for 6-7 weeks a piece. Does it really matter which i put in front?? i also might extend the cyp/eq to 14-15 weeks if i feel the need but i won't decide that till i am well into the cycle.

  8. since nobody replied i am gonna guess that it don't matter what order i do it in so i am gonna run the winny forst and finish with the prov. thanks for the advise guys here is what it will look like when i do it

    EQ @ 600MG/wk weeks 1-10
    TEST CYP @ 250MG/wk weeks 1-10
    WINNY @ 50MG/ED weeks 1-7
    PROVIRON @ 50MG/ED weeks 8-14

  9. u thought about 500 test 400 eq???

  10. i get eq at 300mg/ml that is why i was gonna go with 600 and i thought about 500test but i don't wanna run that unless i have an anti e to run throughout.

  11. Ya 250test is HRT dosage. Go higher than that man.

  12. 250 is a very liberal hrt dose and is plenty to avoid the nastier side effects associated with no-test cycles 500 would allow you to take greater advantage of the inherent greatness of test and its potent anabolic profile.

  13. i could do it but then i would have to drop the eq dose or the prov completely... i also don't want to put on water too badly cuz this is a cutting cycle. my friend also ran 500 test with 600eq and he got good gains but balooned up like a muthafuka till he started he winny at the end of his cycle and i don't want none of that ****. i am just worried cuz i put on water very easily (like i will put on 8-10 lbs of water from creatine). that is why i was not gonna have test at all but i figured the 250 would take care of whatever nastyness would come with a no test cyc...

  14. Why would you have to drop the EQ or PROV? Money?

  15. ya... well kinda

    i could prolly pull it off if i really wanted too but i just don't think it will gimme what i am lookin for... i am lookin to try to stay lean and add striations and i don't see that happening with high estro levels. this is also my first real cycle and figure that what i ahve will be more then enough to gimme a few lbs of muscle while i shed a few in fat

  16. You do know that diet and cardio is going to be a bigger factor than the type of AAS you are using right?

  17. oh ****.. u can't be serious?? maybe i will use anadrol then

  18. For someone who doesn't know **** about the dosages that hey is taking or is proposing to take, that is a foolish statement. If you know so much why would you even ask these questions?

  19. because i am looking for advise from others who have been around this longer then i have.. i have been researching this **** for about 2 years but reading bull**** on the net is alot different then seeing it first hand. i was just looking to improve what i came up with, with things that have been used in real life. i knew that is was pretty solid to begin with because a long while ago when i was first thinking of starting up i asked a bunch of stupid questions and got some good advise back then but decided i was not ready for it yet.

    so i was just looking for advise... so if you have some god advise give it... don't just speak so u can feel special and think that u are helping someone that will eat fatty food all day and expect to get skinny cuz he has some winny

  20. We all gave you advice, yet you are still looking at 250mg a week of test. So what is the point of giving you advice if you don't want to use it, when it is from people that know more on the subject than you.

  21. so what you are saying is that you think that 500mg/wk of test and 600mg a week of eq will help me to stay lean and not put on water while helping to get more striated and cut than running lower test with another drug that is known for hardening you up and bringing out striations(which is exactly what i was looking for).

    i am not trying to seem like i think i know more then you or anyone else cuz you very possibly could and probably do know more... but you are just coming across like you wanna give advise about anything just so u can give advise. if you think it would still be a better option after considering my goals i will definately rethink what i am gonna do.

  22. Look man, everyone here said to go at least 500mg a week of test for this cycle. 500mg a week and under will keep almost all sides to a minimum. If we knew that it was 250mg a week, then we would have said it. Once again the components don't make the cut.

    For instance M1,4ADD id basically Dbol, I totally cut on it with no problem. Dbol is not commonly used as a cutter, but it can be done. And just because your friend bloated doesn't mean you will. "Every body is different, good nutrition is universal".

  23. i really don't see what nutrition has to do with water weight from estrogen... but whatever...

    i think i will try the test out at 500mg and see how it goes.. if i start to get puffy i can always lower it to 250 or just run a anti-e along side it.

  24. Take Dbol, and cut with it then tell me that it can't be done.

  25. 250mg will work. Admittedly, I would go a little higher though.
    The goal here is cutting and NOT gaining mass.


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