cutting cycle with eq/winny and var or prov

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    I don't know I guess I am stubborn but test should be the base of all stacks for a reason.
    I would not call that stubborn. I would call that smart.

  2. Well thanks

    I know it is the base of my next stack, well my first AAS stack in over a decade, coming up in march baby.

  3. Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolai
    i am not trying to seem like i think i know more then you or anyone else cuz you very possibly could and probably do know more... but you are just coming across like you wanna give advise about anything just so u can give advise. if you think it would still be a better option after considering my goals i will definately rethink what i am gonna do.

    Be careful who you take advice from, this is the same stupid wanna be know it all who was trying to convince people that test shouldn't be part of a cutting cycle two weeks ago. Check out the thread (good cutting cylce? or not?) in the steroid forum.

    Just because someone reads a lot of posts on forums doesn't qualify them to give people advice on things they don't know anything about!!

  4. It all comes from Pub med and other sites such as the new england journal of medicine. I have been reading them over and over for the past two weeks. I can admit I was wrong back then. So what. As the study I posted stated Prov and winny are a good stack together, but test is king for a reason.

    As for your comments whatever, take a chill pill bro, where is your advice? Would you like a link to pubmed or the new england journal of medicine. How about the HRT doctor I spoke to a week ago.

  5. I never understood why people get really fancy with cutting cycles.

    You want to know what I think would be a FANTASTIC cutting cycle?

    750mg Testosterone Enanthate per week
    1mg Letrozole per day
    and a good T3 dosing schedule

    This is simple and extremely effective for someone in the 200pound range.



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