I searched some threads, but none REALLY answered my question. If you don't mind, I have 2 for everyone;
Regarding bulk Cissus....

1) Can the bulk powder be taken effectively mixed with say water, juice, etc. (anything to get it down) or must it be capped? Just preference?
2) Only label on the package says 100 g / 1/4 tsp = 700 mg. So six servings of 1/4 tsp yields approx. 4.2 g (effective dosage @ 4-6 g) sound right?

Quick info; 6'4", 265. On a Tren/P-Plex Cycle currently. I'm taking Glucosmine/MSM, Fish Oil and still having joint problems (shoulder/back/wrist). I know pushing heavy weight is always going to cause this problem, but would love to do something to try and aleviate this as much as I can.