Hi all-

I plan to begin this cycle mid august:

* Week 1 to 13: 10mg Nolvadex daily
* Week 1 to 10: 400mg of EQ weekly
* Week 1 to 10: 500mg TEST weekly
* Week 13 - 40mg nolva+ 100mg clomid daily
* Week 14 - 30mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily
* Week 15 - 20mg nolva+ 50mg clomid daily

And I would also like to throw in a letro cycle to treat some childhood (possibly aggrivated by another cycle) gyno... I have researched it and the concensus seems to be starting letro @ .25ed and slightly increasing it until 2.5ed is reached... The 2.5ed should be continued for approxamately 2 weeks to kill all gyno (at least that is what my research has shown me).

My question is: How can I most affectively AND safely incorporate this Letro cycle with my AAS cycle(above). Basically at what week should I begin and stop the letro??

Thank you in advance as any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!