6 weeks of Epi too much?

  1. 6 weeks of Epi too much?

    It seems that epistane takes 3 weeks before any noticable results.
    Yet many of you take stay on for 4 weeks. I understand the that risks increase the longer one's cycle is.

    My question:Would any of you, novice or expert, consider a 20/30/30/30/30/30 Epi cycle as a bad move?

    Age 22
    Weight 166
    Experience: 5 years lifting.
    PHne cycle of Methyl 1-D.

    Yay?, Nay?, Comments welcomed!

  2. id atleast run it at 20 for a couple weeks. 20/20/30/30/30/30

  3. Alright, sounds good.

    I know a general rule for most PH use is Time on + PCT = # of weeks to allow for testicle recovery. Well my balls are fine from my experience with LG Sciences Methyl 1-D. I did that as a stand alone. Im on week two of my Formadrol PCT. Would it be advisable to wait or can i jump into a 6 week Epi cycle without any major problems?

  4. wait, wait, wait. just be patient lift on natural stuff for a while such as creatine, protein ect. you use that time off to get money to build a kick ass next cycle. the reason you wait is because of your hormone levels. you have to let them do their own thing for a while or youre going to mess em up big time. give em some time off to do their thing dont run more than 2-3 cycles per year. im stoked to run my superdrol cycle but i cant till october cause ive already ran two cycles. i need natty test to work and i'll it it up again in nov. just be patient.

  5. Yeah definitely wait! You may feel great on the outside but you don't know what's going on inside. Let your body recover for a while. You don't want to get in the habit of going from cycle to cycle. That's how you F yourself up big time. Everyone wants gains but ph's or not they just don't come over night, it still takes time.

  6. i never understood why people list a weight without a height, it's about as useful as a height without a weight.

    My advice about what to dose and what to do is going to depdend upon that information. For instance if you are 5'9 or taller I would say don't use any Epi, figure out how to bulk work on diet, unless ur a crazy ectomorph and 8% bodyfat.
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