staying anabolic

  1. staying anabolic

    i was wondering if you were using hdrol just for the anabolic affect during a cut, more of a prevention of muscle loss could you use only 25mgs?

  2. you could try it. i wouldn't bother. I didn't notice 50mg so 25 for me would be an absolute waste.

    If you want to do a cut cycle, do a cut cycle. If you want to cut naturally, just do it slowly and you can easily limit your muscle loss.... That's why i like the RECOMP thing, it's hard for me to lose fat, normally if i do so, i'll lose a lot of muscle, i have to cut very slowly, which basically translates into a recomp.
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  3. thanks for your input

  4. i actually saw results from this...

    i wanted to get the ball rolling quickly with my peptide run when i started in may, so the first 3 weeks i took 25mg hdrol, and sometimes 10mg epi, almost everyday, always before workouts. this is ideal for people who have extra caps left over from previous cycles, but not enough to use for another. hdrol is the favorable hormone here because of its much longer half-life that almost permits once daily dosing (something like ~16hrs). it worked wonders is all i can say. within 3 or 4 days my body had already taken shape, and by then was really starting to output extra gh. best part of this technique is nearly no suppression at all, and few to zero sides at all. I had my bloodwork done 2 weeks after taking the last hdrol cap, and recieved an incredibly good report, in fact my doc said my total cholesterol was so low that she wanted me to try and raise my good cholest by bumping my niacin intake to 2g. liver was in pristine shape, and yes i drink, and yes i indulge from time to time in the use of other substances (though i do take a load of silymarin).

    i'd say do it. what do you got to lose other than a couple of hdrol caps, and a few pounds of fat?

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