whats stronger?

  1. whats stronger?

    what's a stronger ph..havoc or halotest-25..
    for a first ph whats best tren product, havoc, or halo..I like that tren is non-toxic on the liver but it also supresses libido and makes u tired so im not sure.

  2. Havoc and halo are both steroids. Havoc (Epistane) is stronger. I would suggest either one for a beginner, and probably not tren (even though it is the one non-methyl).

  3. from what you know, is Reversitol a must with Halotest-25. was thinking of just using the cycle supports by AI but dont wanna destroy my test. lvl. any thoughts? thanks.

  4. where did you here this? quite the opposite actually. Halo is more mild, and some would tell you a SERM is not necessary. Epi, while still mild, may shut you down more and a SERM should always be used here. I've never heard someone say you need more PCT coverage with Halo than Epistane.

  5. With Halo (H-drol) you should experience very little shutdown, so it shouldn't obliterate Test levels. AI's cycle supports would be good for PCT. You could also look into Primordial Performance's Sustain Alpha.

    My most important suggestion to you is that you research everything extensively first. The worst thing you could do is walk into a PH/DS cycle blind. Read up.

  6. thank you so much, I appreciate your answers..do you know what is the mildest ph? Is Halotest one of them? Thanks.

  7. As far as absolute "mildest" I would say LG's Trifecta stack. Good place to start for a beginner, and it lays everything out for you. I would say H-drol or TheOne is probably next, and Epi after that.

  8. your awesome, gave you rep. that answer couldn't have been any faster lol.

  9. I've actually read some worse side effects coming from the methyl 1-d and masterdrol then halo..

  10. bump
    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  11. I like furazadrol.


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