Anadrol Pulse!?

  1. Anadrol Pulse!?

    Dr. D maybe you can chime in if you've ever pulsed Anadrol? I'm sure others would be interested like myself to see if it's possible for a 6 weeker?

  2. I recall some talk about it, the only problem with anadrol is if you get the 50mg caps its hard to dose without feeling like crap. What I mean is for a lot of guys 100mg taken all at once is nasty, or even taken 50 pre 50 post workout, and forget higher. so its more whether 50mg alone is quite enough dose for you to see gains, or whether you tolerate the 100 ok. If you happen to get it either in liquid or in caps/tabs of another size, its a different story

  3. ANA can be quite a bitch id rather do with DIANA.

  4. but i did think about pulsing them as well in a future cycle years down the road.

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