lipoderm ultra and absolved?

  1. lipoderm ultra and absolved?

    would you just use one or the other, or can you use both at the same time?

    has anyone used either..and I searched on it too, just to answer anyones questions.

    Has anyone used it? Im thinking of giving one a shot on my love handles and chest...that is where I carry all my fat its horrible..


  2. You tried Yohimbine HCL? It does the same thing just takes a bit longer from what I understand. I know that doesn't answer your question. I tried the Avent Lab Lipoderm and didn't get any results from it. only used it for a couple weeks though. It does come in a nice bottle though.

  3. ok long as its a nice bottle

    if you are asking if I tried YHCL orally, then yeah lots of times..

    I also tried yohimburn..the original version a long time ago..and T-heat..but i gave both to my gf cause she was bugging me for them

    the problem for me is I can actually see abs, (not shredded or anything)

    but the relationship between my abs and love handles is out of proportion...delts and upper pec region are tight, lower nip area is soft..(not gyno)

    ive considered lypo suction only as a last resort, its really demotivating..even when I was at my all time best of 5.5% bf i still had the fatty nips and love handles..just genetically predisposed to that i guess


  4. That sucks. I remember seeing my abs when i was a kid. One day I will see them again. The puffy nips might be gyno??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FTMGuy
    That sucks. I remember seeing my abs when i was a kid. One day I will see them again. The puffy nips might be gyno??

    no gyno..i have always had that issue...

    i dont do any kind of anything without all the aspects....."oh ****" supps and pct.

    plus I have only really done fina, winny, 1-test, 4ad (not all at once)

    but I used to be fat in HS, Im about 5'7" HS i was up to about 215 (used to smoke a lot of weed, this could have contributed from things I read)

    have gotten down to 165 @ 5.5% Im about 185 12% or so
    still 5'7"

    since I have been working out again the puffiness has gone down...which usually I have never experienced the signs of gyno.. (itchyness, soreness)...def not gyno though...well i guess i can't say def since i never saw a doc about it..but im confident I could tell the difference..

    at one point I was able to tuck my shirt in between my chest and midsection..


  6. They are both good, but for different purposes. Depending on your BF% & type of fat. Absolved attacks VAT fat, which is fat surrounding your organs. It will probably do nothing for you unless you are 12% BF or higher. It did little for me, but I was only about 10%, others have lost inches on their waistlines in 4 weeks. Lipoderm attacks subcutaneous fat, like the kind you can pinch. Unless you are near 10% or lower, it will do little for you. It's for getting the last bits of fat from trouble areas like lovehandles. Supposedly lipoderm works so well because with localized transdermal yohimbine, you can get a much higher concentration into the problem area than you ever could with pills. You'd need a ridiculous amount to do that.

    Avant's board is filled with info & logs on both.

  7. How does the topical gel get to visceral fat? I will go do some reading over there.



  8. i am starting yohimburn DF on my face and love handles, I have heard many people commend this stuff, let's hope it works.

  9. on your face?


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