pct and androgel

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  1. would it make sense to run the 4ad for a while longer

  2. Quote Originally Posted by orvise
    would it make sense to run the 4ad for a while longer
    Get some test cyp instead. You are wasting your time on 4ad.

    Just kidding, Basically you can do what you want cause you just rteurn to normal anyway. That is what they are saying.

  3. OK theres been some great posts here and a lot of feed back and I think I got it now.

    So me (and others) on androgel, can take something like M1T and still get good gains with it. When our cycle is done, instead of doing a PCT we just go back to our androgel and we shouldent have any problems with high levels of Es or anything right?

    One question I still have is, when on the M1T cycle, do we still take our androgel? Or can we? Would that combind with the M1T increase gains any? Or have any posative effects? Or should we stay off it when we start a M1T or other PH cycle? To me, it seems that if I took my Androgel with my M1T cycle, I should get great gains as I will have my daily levels of test through out the cycle of M1T.

    Still one last question. Is there anyway, with DMSO or something else, to increase the absorb % of a packet of Androgel? I know I wont get PH like levels form androgel, but it would be nice to get my normal test levels up to the higher ends of the scale. Any imput on this would be great.

  4. 1. Depends. Some may, some may not. It all depends on you and what you use. I would always have Nolva on hand when using ANY hormones.

    2. Yes, take it. Ther is no reason to stop unless your using another form of test. Keeping test levels normal is always beneficial in many ways.

    3. Yes you can increase absortion with DMSO. How much depends on how much you use and even then its just a guess. But remember, the higher the dose the more chance of atrophy and further suppression. FOr you its not that much of a big deal but it can effect sperm production, lipid profiles and general mood.
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  5. Thanks a bunch Bobo for the info. I feel much much much better now that I have a full understanding of all of this now, and a full understading of what adrogel actually is. I have really high hopes of this combind with a cycle of M1T, and can't wait to try it. But that wont happen till at least earily summer. I am simply gaining to much from the Adrogel alone, due to how low my levels were before, just getting them back in the normal range with the gel has made a huge impact on my gains when working out. Right now I am expecting some time around summer for the gains to start to slow down again, at which point I will start a cycle of M1T. As much as I would love to now, I am in no hurry as I want to see how much more I can gain with androgel and a good diet. I probably wont "need" any M1T by summer, as I will probably still be getting good gains, even if they do slow down some which I expect. But a nice boost of 5-10 pounds from the M1T in the summer, on top of what I am already gaining and buliding would really make a big diffrence in my over all look. Assuming I am still packing it on like I am now. If I am not then I will hold off till I have a really good, natural bulid where the gains from the M1T will go much further.

    Right now its going to be a play it by year approch. But hopefully I can get the androgel to absorbe even better with a little DMSO and increase the gains even more from this stuff. Anyone have any ideas on how I could mix DMSO with this stuff, it's going to be hard since it comes in single, small packets Not even exactly sure how much I should mix.


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