PH/DS FAQs & Classification Guide

  1. PH/DS FAQs & Classification Guide

    Pro Hormone FAQ.
    Please read before posting.

    Statement 1: Hey guys! I'm a 19 year old guy who cant put on weight....

    Stop. Notice your age. In mathematical terms it looks like this:
    19 < 21 = no ph's
    Eat more. Sleep More. You will be able to gain weight. But phs may dramatically affect your body's ability to produce and utilize testosterone in the future.

    Statement 2: So is it cool to stack superdrol, pheraplex and trenadrol as my first stack?

    Ok that was actually more of a question, but the answer is still no with a side of possibly. Generally its better to try running a non methylated prohormones (which you can ask about which are available at the time on the forum) first, and then step up to the methylated compounds second, due to the fact they're harder on the body/liver than the non methyls. "Bridging" methyls (running one into the other) is in a quick phrase, somewhat nuts. Its an all out assault thats usually attempted by someone with some decent ph experience under his belt. In my opinion you shouldn't run two methyls at one time, its a great way to kill off your liver.

    Statement 3: How do I know whats a prohormone and whats a testosterone booster?

    Look at the other stickies here. They list most of the PH/DS compounds.

    Statement 4: If I take more of these than recommended will I have a heart attack?

    Probably not, however I always suggest people start small and work up to a level that they feel comfortable with. You've got your whole life to push a little harder.

    Statement 5: Whats PCT?

    Its a necessary part of hormone manipulation, allowing your body to return to its normal levels. The pct section is a great place to get ideas on what might work for you as well as ask questions. Notice how no where in this statement do I recommend that SERM use is mandatory in PCT....

    Statement 6: Will this show up in a drug test?

    Yes and no. If you're being tested for anabolic steroids, then yes, they will show up. If you're being drug tested for a job odds are they're looking for narcotics, hallucinogens, and most importantly weed.

    Statement 7: How much/What do I have to eat?

    Everyone is different. If you don' know how to eat then you are not ready for these type of compounds.

    Statement 8: I'm going to go out partying with my friends and knock back a few. Is it cool to drink on these?

    No. If you're running a methylated cycle you liver is already taking a pretty good stress load from breaking that down, adding alcohol (and this is talking form personal experience) will make you liver swell, and its REALLY uncomfortable, as well as EXTREMELY bad for you. Not to mention the fact that alcohol basically stops protein synthesis entirely, which negates even taking the ph's in the first place. Non methyl cycles are easier on the liver, but again, whats the point of taking them if you wanna go party? Hell in my own ph use I wont even take Tylenol on cycle cause I'm so paranoid now.

    Statement 9: So I finished my cycle, can I start one tomorrow?

    No, minimum time frame between cycles: Cycle + Pct + "Normalization Period" = Ready for your next cycle. What is a normalization period? I call it that cause your body needs to get back to where it was hormonally before you overloaded it with pro hormones on cycle and then with anti estrogens in pct. Your body will also use this period of time to do a little house cleaning on your cell receptors in your body making the next cycle as effective as the last one. I like see the "NP" at least as long in length as pct. Usually I wait about a month. So my personal normal setup would look something like this: 6 week cycle + 4 week pct + 4-6 week normalization period.

    Statement 10: I'm looking for a lot of growth in a short amount of time, can I take twice the dosage and feel twice the effects?

    Two part answer. You could take twice the dosage, in theory but depending on the product that might just land you in the hospital. The effects WILL NOT double if you double the dose, you reach a point of diminishing returns where your body literally cannot process the amount of material you've ingested. Most likely your sides will double, meaning you'll earn a neato nickname like "pizza face" or "michellin man" from increased skin oil or water retention respectively. For a first time out I always recommend reading the back of the bottle and sticking to those parameters. oh, and always take them with food, the absorb better, and you won't get the dry, dusty, terrible tasting ph burps...

  2. Prohormone "Traits"

    The difference between "wet" and "dry" steroids/phs is water retention. Water retention is caused by estrogen through aromatase.

    Wikipedia: Aromatase is an enzyme of the cytochrome P450 superfamily (EC, whose function is to aromatize androgens (that is, to selectively increase their aromaticity), producing estrogens. As such, it is an important factor in sexual development.

    Effectively: Aromatase is when excess testosterone converts to estrogen.

    M1T (and subsequent legal variants/clones)


    *Both SD and Phera were listed in both because each is influenced by diet. I have personally seen SD give a bloat and then also be dry. Many have experienced this with Phera too. Most agree that it depends on diet on what kinda results these give. But phera is definately more wet than SD.

    M1T(and legal clones)

    On the strength category there are probably more, but from what I hear those are the biggies.

  3. Prohormone Classification

    Steroids are classified under 2 categories. Class I has a strong binding to the androgen receptor. Class II does not bind to the androgen receptors, rather it works through other means in the body.

    Simply put:
    Class I = binds to androgen receptor
    Class II = does not and cause effects by influencing other factors.

    These prohormones classifications are based on thier steroid counterparts.

    Class I
    Boldenone based phs - 1,4AD & Bold
    Progestin based phs - (similar to trenbolone) - Trenadrol & Trenaplex
    Testosterone based phs - 1 Testosterone
    Mepitiostane (Thioderon) based phs - Epithio & Clones (Havoc/Epistane/so on so forth)
    Desoxymethyltestosterone/DMT (Madol) based phs - pheraplex & clones

    Class II
    Masteron (Dromostanolone) based phs - Superdrol & Clones
    Oral Turinabol (Dehydrochlormethyltestosteron e) based phs - Halodrol & Clones
    Dianabol (methandrostenolone) based phs - M1,4ADD, M1T
    Winstrol (stanozolol) based phs - Winztrol, Orastan-A, Furaguno, etc
    Furazabol (miotolan) based phs - Furazadrol etc
    Progesterone based phs - Revolt, Propadrol
    Clostebol based phs - Chlorodrol, Oxyguno

    Class III (those that act both class I and class II)

    Some feel the below doesnt matter and doesnt believe in the class 1 and class 2 stacking but here is the info:

    If you plan on stacking two prohormones at the same time, the best combinations are class I mixed with a class II. For example SD/Bold, Halo/Tren, M1T/Prop, and so on..

    Here's why, effectively when you take a class 1/class 1 stack, you're theoretically limiting your body's ability to suck up the little steroid molecules you're pumping into it. Think of it like a burger joint parking lot at lunchtime. There are no parking spots available, and you're stuck lying in wait for a spot to open up.

    However, with a class 1/class 2 combination while one pro hormone floats around binding to the androgen receptor, the other little guy is busy attaching itself to other parts of the body to encourage growth.

  4. LS there are tonnes of more detailed threads like this on AM already.

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    LS there are tonnes of more detailed threads like this on AM already.
    Then why do all the same questions always get asked? If so they should be stickies.

  6. Laziness, newbs not looking at the stickies anyway.

  7. this is a good and informative post and it shows that you put a lot of time into has been done before though...the reason that these questions still get asked and vets get frustrated is because no one takes the time to read the stickies at the very least or mabye even run a search....most people are lazy and want to be hand fed everything....

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  9. Great thread mate loved reading it


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