designing a cycle for my pops

  1. designing a cycle for my pops

    my dad is 5'8'' 175-180 38 yrs old good health, hes been lifting for ten+ years and wants to jump into a recomp cycle after he cuts down this next month. what would be a good stack for him to run ? what phs are designed for recomp mainly? i think maybe finaflex, epistane, some kind of epi clone, or maybe oxyguno/furaguno? not sure here depending on which one he decides to chose i already got him to buy the big jar of cycle support, enough clomid for four weeks, and also Post cycle therapy for pct. he doesnt know much about PHS so i bought him the anabolic pharmacology book for his birthday a few months ago so he could start reading and become a little more educated. what do you guys all think would be the best cycle to run for him his goal is to decrease bF% increase strength, minimal water retention, and stay around the same weight so like i said basically just a recomp to get more ripped and lean. nutra has alot of stacks on sale for 99 i saw the epi/cyclesupport,PCS, then the one with HDROL, then the one with MDrol. which would be best for someone doing there first PH run? Thanks for the help guys. oh yeah he said he doesnt want to run a cycle longer than 4 weeks so im thinking epi might be out since it doesnt kick in until around the three week mark.

  2. i would suggest epistane for his first cycle, great leaning properties with great vascularity, seen it with everyone of my friends and myself.

    20/30/40/40 with the pct you had prepared.

  3. whats the best of the epi clones cause ive seen epidrol, havoc, epistane? hes never used clomid how should he dose it and should he start it the last week of epi? i see most people running it something like 40/40/30/20 or i might be wrong. so he should be good with the PCS while on cycle and off cycle and clomid and Post cycle therapy from AI would be sufficient for epi?

  4. I've heard nothing but positives from IBE (Epistane), RPN (Havoc), or CEL (E-stane). I would suggest any of those. Clomid should be taken the day after last epi dose. You can run it a multitude of ways:
    100/50/50/50 or
    100/50/50/50 or

    How he runs the clomid should depend on his epi doses....most go like 20/30/30/40 or 10/20/30/40 (for the EPI). If you use an AI, it would probably be best 2 weeks or so after SERM starts, when rebound issues could arise. I would suggest either 6-bromo or a formestane product as ATD is probably too strong for this cycle in conjunction with clomid.

  5. maybe a hint of nolva as well for estro rebounds after cycle
    if u wanna be OCD like me about PCT this si what i would do

    nolva 30 20 20 10
    clomid 100 50 50 50
    powerful (usps labs i belive)
    and hyperdrol x2 starting 3rdwk until bottle is gone

  6. also a pct assit from cel or A.i.

  7. unless ur dad was 17yrs old when he had u, ur not allowed to post in this section. read the rules

  8. he was 18 when he had me and i kno im not 21 but i figured it would be ok to post since im not trying to get info for myself but if its a problem mods can delete the thread or whatevers necessary i dont want to break any rules or anything sorry about that everyone

  9. How about you tell him its a no go with orals. Hes old enough for serious gear. Get him to a doctor to check his test levels. Hes probably able to easily get on TRT.

    once on that he will feel much better, your mom will thank him, and he will make a good amount of lean gains while loosing fat.

    I know im going straight for TRT when im 30


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