making tren with dazed's solution?

  1. Question making tren with dazed's solution?

    hey, i've searched this board for a little bit, trying to find if anyones just used dazed's solution, to dissolve the fina pellets to make the tren, i want to use his solution because i've read around that it makes for a painless injection and it's 20 bucks for 100ml of the solution. of course i still need the vials/syringes/filters and such, but i'm just wondering if i can use the dazed solution to dissovle/and use as the oil itself all in one.... thanks for your help guys.

  2. Im thinking probably not for fina pellets, make the crystal fina then throw it into dazed's solution. I helped one of my bud's do that not too long ago and he said it works beautifully.

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