Winstrol Combat Gyno?

  1. Winstrol Combat Gyno?

    Does winstrol really combat gyno? Ive read a few posts on forums that people use winstrol in their pct to fight off gyno. Just wondering if this true or not.

  2. if i'm not mistaken, winstrol can help inhibit prolactin gyno caused by deca/tren.

  3. Well i got gyno 2 weeks ago from a sustanon cycle, so now im taking 1.25mg of letro and 20mg of nolva a day and been on it for about 10 days and i havnt seen much so far. But yet i hear the letro takes a bit to get your blood plasama levels up. Ill finish the bottle of letro but if i dont see anythign soon then i guess its a bunk? My joints dont ache, i guess my libido isnt AS great as it use to be but it still goes up and the first week i was on 2.5mg of letro so the start of week #2 i dropped it to 1.25. So im just freaking out cause i have a bit of gyno, nothing bad just a lump under each nipple and stings to touch.

  4. if you already did pct, then run the letro until gyno calms down. most run it up to 2.5mg a day.

  5. how long does it usually take untill you see results with the letro getting rid of gyno?

  6. depends on how long you've had gyno etc...


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