Another M5aa question

  1. Another M5aa question

    Does M5aa need a reasonable time to build up before it's preworkout effects are realized. My real question is can it be used for just a preworkout boost once in awhile when off cycle for say a scheduled heavy training day maybe once a week? What about issues of shutdown or interfering with one's PCT or after PCT off cycle? Or is the question moot for reasons that should be obvious or that could of been found with more research in the steroid section on it's real gear cousin?

  2. They say to take it approximately 1 hour before workout days.

    If it is this fast acting, i assume it must be effective from the first day.

    I am going to search for the half life.

  3. it is that fast acting and should work the first day used, but how many times can you use it before it effects HPTA, that would be a total guess. If you used it maybe once a week, you could probably go a few weeks i would think before it is effected but like i said its a guess.

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