1. Question Abbreviations?????

    Ok, Since I am new here and there are alot of newbies to this site and sport I am lost on some of your abbreviations; therefore, I can not learn fully what your are saying. Please list as many abbreviations as you know, this will help everbody.

    HGH-Human Growth Hormone
    GH-Growth Hormone
    AI-Aromatase Inhibitor
    PCT-Post Cycle Therapy
    DTH-Diesel Test Hardcore
    ACL-American Cell Labs
    SERM-Selective Estro Receptor Moduel
    PP-Primordial Performance

  2. DS - Designer Steroid
    SD - Superdrol
    I-GF-1 - Insulin like Growth Factor 1
    HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
    CEL - Competitive Edge Labs

    If I think of more later I'll add

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