Had some bad luck tonight

  1. Had some bad luck tonight

    I hit my left quad just fine and moved to the right one for my 2nd injection and hit the quad too much on the top side and struck a nerve pretty good. Kind of funny watching your whole leg twitch for no reason..didn't hurt though, but my next try did. I moved over some, not really knowing the proximity of a nerve, and tried again. This time I struck a vein/blood vessel/**** if I know what and it hurt like hell and blood spurted out pretty good and continued to for about a minute and produced a small welt afterwards. Anyone else had that (a welt) happen after striking a vein? I'm guessing it was from slight internal bleeding.

  2. ouch.. nope I can't say that I have had that.. bruise yes..

  3. yeah It will dissipate over time, no worries, I think you might be shooting too close to your knee though

    I always shoot about a foot above my knee in the thickest par of my quad on a horizontal angle, never had a real problem.

  4. Cool

    geez that is nasty luck! It should be fine though. The welt is most likely some internal bleeding, kinda like a deep bruise. It'll probably be tender for a couple of days but should heal up fine. Lets hope things go better next time!

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