6 OXO Replacement?

  1. 6 OXO Replacement?

    Im getting all my support supps and so forth in order to run a superdrol cycle here in the next short while. for PCT im using Nolva..of course..and also an otc AI. I was going to use 6oxo but it is now a discontinued product. thnx fda and gov

    So I was wondering what is good (still being produced) 6 oxo replacement for PCT to run along side my nolva after I end my Superdrol cycle?

  2. you can still find 6oxo clones in stock at alot of places, fyi, hell i can even still find sites that have 4-androstenediol still in stock online, you just have to search, but finding somplace with 6-oxo ergopharms, or some other clone should be very very easy.

    but to answer your question, i like 6-bromo. there is also formestane. and also atd. these are the three otc a.I.'s I know off the top of my head. I personally dont like atd. never used formestante. but like 6-bromo better than atd, alot.

  3. Formestane works as well, could get IBE's Formex or something of the like if you cant find any 6-oxo clones.

  4. thanks for the help. ill check it out.

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