Hello all I'm new to the forum and looking for input. I recently began a cycle of H-drol and through impatience screwed it up and had to end it and go into early PCT.

Basically I did not load Hawthorn berry long enough to have beneficial effects in helping regulate my blood pressure. Unfortunately this was one piece of the puzzle contributing to my early withdrawal of the cycle.

The other being that i recently competed on June 6. Now consider I was on a severely restricted diet and in a very short period of time did not give my body enough time to get back to "normal eating". Some of you know what I mean when I say eating normal too quick puts your body into a bit of shock. So within 3 weeks after the show I was beginning a cycle of Hdrol.

week 1 went well. No sides but my appetite was going through the roof. I was taking 50mg Hdrol/day along with CEL cycle assist. I was eating very well and at times adding large amounts of carbs and protein inn excess of 100 to 150 grams a meal. The hunger was insane. This was also my downfall. Considering that in the last month before the show 100 grams carbs was a days supply not 1 meals worth.

Having been deprived of having large amounts of food for so long and then eating what i wanted had several factors affecting me. 1st It wasn't that I had a lot of sodium in my diet but that I was restricted for so long that any increase would now cause a bump in BP. 2nd the increase in carbs. Carbs had a similar effect. Holding all that fluid by way of carb and water intake (2 to 3 gallons/day) again increased BP.

I normally at any given time have a BP of 100/50 to 110/60 with a resting heart rate of 59-66 at any given time. By the end of the first week I saw fantastic changes coming. I upped to 75mg. day one at this dose was fine. Day 2 and 3 went down hill. BP jumped to 138/88 and resting heart rate was on average 77-83 BPM. Had feelings of anxiety. Then my ears began to feel like they were filling up and going to burst. MY sinus cavity felt the same and my head felt like exploding. Eventually it turned into a headache and a bad one. Now for some this might be temporary and go away with celery seed and added hawthorn but not for me.

After consulting with several sources I decided to play it safe and end the cycle until such time that I could utilize patience and greater planning.

My question to anyone out there is when loading hawthorn I intend to do 3 weeks. I know a little overkill but this is my health. What dose does one load at? cycle assist is 900mg/day (2 doses of 450mg) during cycle but Ive read people dosing at 2000mg on loading. Also some products just read hawthorn berry others hawthorn berry extract is there any difference in effect?

Next I am going back onto a strict diet in order to rule out certain causes for the blood pressure spike and nasty sides. Once ready I will be starting on 25mg hdrol for the first week to better assess tolerance under control conditions. Monitoring BP before hdrol and every hour after that throughout the day to isolate when and if BP spikes occur and what circumstances surround the spike.

If all is well then I will go to 50mg/day and again follow the same protocol. In hind site and review of training/diet logs during my first week I found that meals high in carbs caused increased BP...I further noticed that even after stopping the h-drol those symptoms though much milder persisted after high carb meals. Which 1 leads me to believe that because of my restricted diet during training I am extremely carb sensitive at this time. Also sodium sensitive. Prohormones already pre dispose you to elevated levels of BP but this apparently had a synergistic effect. Therefore upon finishing PCT I am going to give my body time off to get back into routine. August 23 will begin 3 weeks of hawthorn pre load and then sept 13 will begin the next cycle.

I know this is long winded but I want to do this right so I can move on to better things.

35 years old....21 years training.
5'6" 195 lbs competition weight was 172.
Started Hdrol cycle at 183
body weight was 195 on last day of cycle and yes I know its hard to believe but i was just as lean and i put on noticeable amounts of muscle size not fat.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer