PCT for short one week MIT cycles

  1. PCT for short one week MIT cycles

    I'll soon be starting a short one week M1t cycle, 10mg per day. The reason for a short cycle is that I'm hoping to avoid some of the sides involved, and I do not mind diminished gains.

    The question is, should PCT for a typical 2 - week cycle be used for a shorter one week cycle? I'll be using liquid nolva from power nutrition.

    Appreciate any advice that you guys can give, many thanks.

  2. This is a joke right? A one week cycle?

  3. YOU really need to do some more research before you even consider doing the PH's..

  4. Ahhhh you think.

  5. Don't knock it till ya try it. I've done 2 cycles of m1t and both lasted 4 days. I gained and kept an impressive 0 lbs. Come on bro, your either in or out. Your body is nothing to mess around with and do something half assed.



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