1st cycle reccs

  1. 1st cycle reccs

    I'm new to the ph world, and i was hoping that someone could give me some reccomendations for my first cycle(i was thinking 2-4 wks). I don't mind pinning if that's the safest way to go (liver etc.). I'd like to avoid side effects as much as possible (yeah i know i'm vain, but i'd like to keep my hair and stay acne free). I've been thinking of something along the lines of Dermablic's S1+, although the possible side effects make me hesitant. But with all the new info i'm getting from this site about methydienolone, 4-oh, power nutritions's build your own transdermals, etc., i don't know exactly which route to take. In any case, i just turned 26, and i've been lifting seriously for about 1 year. I'm 5'10", 165 lbs, 8% bf. I was also planning on taking pn's nolva for pct. Thanks y'all for having patience with a rookie.


  2. As for the acne, many have had great success (including myself) using Pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) at high dose throughout the cycle. I hardly get any more than usual when I use it. I usually do 10 grams a day for 4 days or so, then continue with 4 or 5 a day.

    The hair, thats another story. The only PH that would really have no risk for hairloss is Nordiol, but it is very very weak. For your first cycle, I am sure you would have great results with a 1-test/4-AD transdermal combo provided your eating and training correctly. I say just go for it, most people don't have huge issues with the hairloss, but it is always a possiblity.

  3. I strongly suggest a BDC transdermal combo of 1-test/4ad (t-1 pro). I would stay away from methylated hormones until you get a little experience under your belt. T-1 pro is the same ingredients as S1+ with better absorption. You can get that & your nolva at PN for good prices. You will need at least 4 weeks on a transdermal, I prefer 6. Most gains happen in weeks 3-6. so it's best to extend IMO. You'll get great gains with 2-3 squirts a day of this mix, I'd start with 2 & see how you gain after 3 weeks. You'll need 2 bottles for 6 weeks at 3 squirts. If you stick to 2 squirts, you'll go thu 1.5 bottles & have some left over. Sides should be very minimal. You are right about needing Nolva for PCT. Run it for 3-4 weeks at 40mg/20mg/2omg/10mg, starting the day after your last application.

    I tried B5 for acne for 6 months. The only effect I got was about $120 missing from my wallet. I hear it's worked for a few, but most say its a waste. I get less acne when I add a little 4OHT to my transdermals. You could add 2g 4OHT to each bottle of t-gel.

  4. THanks guys. I think i'll go with 1-T Pro and add the 2g OHT. I'll probably go wth spiro and B5 as well just in case it'll help. I've also got another question that i've tried to research...Assuming you only did 1 cycle with proper pct, will you still be able to make gains without further ph use? I ask this because (1) I can't see phs staying legal forever; and (2) i have reservations about the long term side effects of prolonged ph use. Oh , and my twin brother wants to try the same cycle as me (i think he's afraid of me looking a lot bigger than him ), however, he's only been lifting and watching his diet seriously for about 6 months. He's the same size as me, except 160 lbs., with about 11-12% bf. I know he hasn't reached his natural potential -- hell, i'm sure i haven't either having only lifted seriously for a year. Should i tell him to stay natural for a while longer (some people have already told him this), or is he good to go? Thanks y'all.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by random
    Assuming you only did 1 cycle with proper pct, will you still be able to make gains without further ph use?

    Yes, you can still make quality gains w/out PH's as long as your diet and training are good. As for your brother, he's better off waiting. He can stock up now and use PH's later.

  6. if he buys some 1-t pro now how long will it be good for? What's the best way to store it? thanks,



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