Taurine while on EQ-Plex????

  1. Taurine while on EQ-Plex????

    What up what up? Anybody know if EQ-Plex is known to cause Back/Calf pumps? Wondering if I should get some more Taurine to get me through a 6 week EQ-Plex cycle. Thanks!

  2. No Back Pumps from EQ. Its Non-Meth. I'm using it now.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Wetdawg View Post
    No Back Pumps from EQ. Its Non-Meth. I'm using it now.
    Sweet! Will save the Taurine till O add in the Epi on week 3.

    How is the EQ-Plex working for you and what dose?

  4. I am running my EQ (non Meth) with P-Mag (Meth) so Taurine use is needed. My Gains are amazing with no sides so far. I'm on my 7th week, one more to go until PCT.
    The Dawgs EQ-Plex/P-Mag Journey

  5. eq plex is doesed wk 1-8 at 800mg-600mg (800 being most effective)

  6. I was just wondering what specific dose he was taking. I am starting my cycle in 2 weeks and it will be 800 for 8 weeks with Epi at 40 for 5 weeks. Will be a fantastic cycle, I'm sure.

  7. ill be running eq at 800 -8wk
    epi 30 40 40 40 40 50
    hdrol 50 50 75 100 100 125


  8. Being at 290+ pounds I ran my dose from 800 to 1000 to 1200 within 6 weeks and stayed at 1200 til end (8 weeks)

  9. I had no sides (gyno) what so ever.


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