Taurine while on EQ-Plex????

  1. Taurine while on EQ-Plex????

    What up what up? Anybody know if EQ-Plex is known to cause Back/Calf pumps? Wondering if I should get some more Taurine to get me through a 6 week EQ-Plex cycle. Thanks!

  2. No Back Pumps from EQ. Its Non-Meth. I'm using it now.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Wetdawg View Post
    No Back Pumps from EQ. Its Non-Meth. I'm using it now.
    Sweet! Will save the Taurine till O add in the Epi on week 3.

    How is the EQ-Plex working for you and what dose?

  4. I am running my EQ (non Meth) with P-Mag (Meth) so Taurine use is needed. My Gains are amazing with no sides so far. I'm on my 7th week, one more to go until PCT.

  5. eq plex is doesed wk 1-8 at 800mg-600mg (800 being most effective)

  6. I was just wondering what specific dose he was taking. I am starting my cycle in 2 weeks and it will be 800 for 8 weeks with Epi at 40 for 5 weeks. Will be a fantastic cycle, I'm sure.

  7. ill be running eq at 800 -8wk
    epi 30 40 40 40 40 50
    hdrol 50 50 75 100 100 125


  8. Being at 290+ pounds I ran my dose from 800 to 1000 to 1200 within 6 weeks and stayed at 1200 til end (8 weeks)

  9. I had no sides (gyno) what so ever.


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