Using Formastat

  1. Using Formastat

    Whatís up guys. Iím about to start my first M1T cycle, and had a quick question about Formastat. I got it in my package from LG, and wasnít sure on whether or not it was worth using or not. I donít hear much talk about it, so I wanted to ask since my search on here didnít yield too much for me.

    Is it worth using? In previous PH cycles, I havenít gotten much bloat, but I am terrified of getting gyno (I donít know why, I just donít want to get it.) Should I just take it to be safe?

    My cycle is going to be 4 weeks @ 10mg M1T with 2 squirts a day of 4AD, and then PCT.

    So, should I take the formastat while on cycle? How much if you think so? I believe the bottle said 3 pills a day.

    Thanks guys.

  2. If you don't normally get bloated or experience estrogenic sides, then you shouldnt need formestane. I've never run formestane on-cycle. I'd hold onto it to use if/when you do need it.

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