Dosing and Timing

  1. Dosing and Timing

    Starting up my cycle in a week and just wondering what is the best time to dose massdrol? Should i take it in the morning upon waking or before i work out? I usually workout around 4pm. Also what is the half life typically for these types of prohormones? I ask because when i get to 20 and 30 mg when should i take the second dose? Would 8 hrs after the first be adequate time in between? Any help would be great. Thanks

  2. 1 pill: take it pre workout

    2 pills: 1 morning, 1 pre workout

    3 pills: 1 morning, 2 pre workout

    4 pills: 1 morning, 2 pre workout, 1 later in the day (not too close to going to bed, might make u toss and turn)

  3. thank you for the help

  4. alrite i take my first dose tomorrow and am just wondering if i should take it with any foods like fats to help with absorption?

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