I am gonna run a second cycle

week 1-10 500mg test e 250mg mon 250mg thurs.

Standard PCT

Now the question. I gave next to nothing for 100 25mg tabs of proviron.
I figure...I have them...I will use them. The problem is I haven't really found
a post anywhere saying the best way to cycle it. Or, if it was in their cycle
there were 3 other drugs with it. So the question. If i Run 10 weeks of test
at 500mg a week How and when should I start the proviron? I am using a
long ester test so I assume around week 4 to start the oral. Do I pulse it? take 25mg ed? 50mg eod? 2 weeks on 2 weeks off? Use it in my pct? Or shove it up my A$$ cause I have no idea how I should run it? So if someone could help me
that would be great.