Banned P6 Black Extreme

  1. Banned P6 Black Extreme

    I am fairly new to this and have few question concerning some PH. I am 24 yrs old and 160 lbs. When I started (age 22) weight lifting I was about 139 lbs and retarded as hell...and here is why. My friend told me about ACL (american cell labs) Tren and MASS and so I decited to take it not knowing a damn thing about it. He just told me to take a test booster (the booster was ultimate nutrition...a lame one) afterward, in which I had no idea why. I was very uneducated and had some sides about 1-2 months after I got off the stuff including a little hair loss, lots of back acne, and i got fat. But while I was on it, there were not sides at all, i gained about 20 lbs. After doing about 6 mothst of research I still have some questions, since I do not know anybody who knows anything about this stuff. Ok so here is my question, why did I get the sides afterward and not while I was on it? Also and mainly...I am going to try P6 Black (old formula- now banned) along with Bio Rythum after glow for post work out, lots of monster milk, and some egg protein. PCT is going to be p6 red by cellucor and nothing else at this time. Should I take an estro blocker during my pct or what? Thank for your help.

  2. You took a ph in the past and have no idea why you got the sides? I would say cancel your next planned run and do a lot more research. It will possibly save you a lot of trouble in the future.

  3. Ur 160lbs!!! How about u eat first... Then use aas later when you have reach the plateau of your genetics! Why do people always want to jump on aas right away. Agree with above too... U need to learn a lot more before u jump on the aas train.

  4. the reason you got the sides afterward is because your body had a rebound effect from it. your hormones went out of wack and that when the sides kicked in because you didn't recover correctly. Next time use some clomid or nolvadex or you can use this: Testosterone Recovery Stack I've used the sustain and had great results. For me this works great for a libido booster when you come off cycle i only used sustain alpha but if you use all 3 you shouldn't need any nolvadex or clomid.

  5. You should be using a SERM no matter what. The old P6 Black contains Tren I think, so nothing less then a SERM (clomid, nolva, torem) should be recommended. You can use an AI in addition to the SERM if you want but that's up to you. I really suggest you look into and research the compound you will be taking and develop a proper PCT before you even consider starting. It will help minimize the sides you got before, and will allow your body to rebound much better.



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