Piss test's

  1. Piss test's

    Okay, I got 18 month probation becasue of racing and crap and I have to do a piss test and so far I haven't did anything. My question is if I jump on M drol and they piss test me will it show? Also what if I'm in my pct using nolva, will it show?

    They shouldn't drug test randomly but I don't wanna risk it.

  2. You should be fine. Most tests consist of testing for opiates, cocaine, marijuana etc. You shouldn't test positive on mdrol or nolva.

  3. They dont test you for roids and ph's. they test you for drugs such as cocaine, mj. they would have to specifically test you for aas and ph's to get you on that. and ph's arnt illegal so they cant persecute you on it.

  4. Formal or informal probation? I know on formal probation they most definitely do randomly drug test you, especially if you have a history of drug use (which you may not since you got busted for racing). But as far as AAS, you're fine.

  5. honestly idk if its formal or informal, and my lawyer said they shouldnt test me becasue I it shouldn't matter. either way, I'm clean I don't do drugs. I might say hey why not and do it in the next month or so, I'v been looking at this m drug and nolva for 3 months



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