Signs of gyno, what to do next

  1. Signs of gyno, what to do next

    I am on week 7 of my 10 week Sustanon 250 cycle and on week 8 i was going to throw in Winny. Now im not exactly sure what to do, only my right nip is a little sore and i can feel a small lump under it. Im was either thinking of stopping the cycle and jumping to PCT and start with 100mg clomid and 20 mg novla for first week or two, or maybe taking a AI. I have read a little about taking an AI to help reduce it while on cycle but im not sure if that is correct. Any help is appriciated.

  2. don't go to pct yet, just start up the AI

  3. 6oxo good enough?

  4. Off topic but kinda light for aas are u!!!???!

  5. Im not tall and i have gained a few more lbs just havent updated, but yes i probably should weigh more aswell

  6. strangely enough, but i have heard that winstrol MIGHT help with gyno. cant remember when/where i read it though

  7. Well I got my hands on some novedexXT. bottle says to take 2 pills before bed but im thinking 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. Hopefully this will help so i can finsh my cycle


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