Just my luck.

  1. Question Just my luck.

    On 11th day of my first cycle of 1t/4ad. Dam! I hurt my lower back and my shoulder is bothering me. I will have to stop lifting weights for a few weeks till i completely heal. Just when i was starting to feel gains kicking in.
    I will also stop my cycle and use nolva for 2 weeks. I know I proabably dont need nolva since i was only on for 11 days and didnt really feel much suppression. but better safe then sorry. Besides I already have it so I might as well use it. No use in continuing my cycle if I cant lift right???

    Having been on this for 11 days, will this mean i will not get as good results when i restart again in a few weeks as I would have if I had finished this 6 weeker. Currently i was taking 2 grams to total. 10 1t and 10 4ad a day.

    For the first week I was actually taking 40 grams, my mistake. Question is should I up the grams from 20 to maybe 30 a day when i restart my cycle in a few weeks.

    Man! This really sucks big time.!!!!!

  2. that sucks bro but at least your smart enough to stop and not try to work through it.

    good luck healing............

  3. If you have to take a few weeks off, you will probably also need an additional few weeks to get back to your previous training intensity. Therefore, enough time will have passed that you should probably use your original planned dosage.

    As a separate comment, it does not seem to be uncommon for a person to injure themselves on a cycle. Sometimes a person's muscles (or daring attitude) grow faster than their ligaments, tendons, and technique and that can lead to trouble. Good luck with your recovery.
  4. Smile I figured

    I have never had any problems with any of my body when it comes to lifting.
    I figured it proabably had something to do with the cycle.
    I guess next time ill be extra careful!

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